Segfault Meetup after long pause

Meetup Segfault Kraków

Yesterday (06/28/2022) was amazing meetup organized by Segfault in cooperation with Revolut and Allegro (Thank you ♥️).
It was a great pleasure to be there as one of prelegents.

There was there talks:

  • Project Valhalla – Arkadiusz Sokołowski
  • Project Panama – Jarosław Pałka
  • Project Loom – Krystian Zybała (me)

We talked about new projects in JVM, that projects can help us to resolve business needs.
These topics are not popular but we wanted to show you opportunities which can be useful in not trivial cases.
We know that these projects are not production-ready but most of you probably work on performance applications using not trivial algorithms and complicated structures which are not hard to do in JVM or impossible.

Please follow us and in future, we organize a lot of these meetups.

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