Segfault Meetup after long pause

Yesterday (06/28/2022) was amazing meetup organized by Segfault in cooperation with Revolut and Allegro (Thank you ♥️).It was a great pleasure to be there as one of prelegents. There was there talks: Project Valhalla – Arkadiusz Sokołowski Project Panama – Jarosław Pałka Project Loom – Krystian Zybała (me) We talked about new projects in JVM, … Read more

State of Valhalla

Java language architect at Oracle Brian Goetz introduced “State of Valhalla”. Three-part blog series which worthy read. State of Valhalla, Part 1: The Road to Valhalla State of Valhalla, Part 2: The Language Model State of Valhalla, Part 3: The JVM Model There are new API propositions, naming, etc. Nowadays the Records in JVM don’t … Read more